About Us

DGP TRGO-INZENERING JOVAN&OTHERS DOO Gostivar is a company that was established in 1990. In the period of its existence, the company is engaged in activities in the field of construction. After obtaining the concession for exploitation in February 2012, we restructured and directed our work in the field of mining.

On February 27, 2012 following the Decision No.51-7797/1 adopted on the same date by the Government of Republic of Macedonia, a Concession Agreement was signed for exploitation of Slate on the location Radibush in the municipality of Rankovce. After receiving the License for exploitation No.24-2245/8 from July 09, 2012, we carried out the preparatory work for starting with exploitation. In this manner the Mine Radibush came to being, in which there are sites of so-called Golden Slate. The Golden Slate is a plate rock with a substantial coefficient of quartz in its composition and with its yellowish golden color it receives the synonym Golden Slate.

Starting from March 01, 2013 we perform exploitation and sale of decorative architectural-building stone Slate for paving of paths, cladding of pedestals, making facades, sidewalks, parking lots, retaining walls, indoor fireplaces, outdoor grills, fountains and various other decorative applications. The stone is exploited in the Mine Radibush, the municipality of Rankovce, near to Kriva Palanka and it is one of the finest Slates that can be found on the European market. This is confirmed by the data received from laboratory tests of physical characteristics, petrography and chemical-hydrological analysis and mineral composition, attested in the Civil Engineering Institute.

For all those who may be interested, please contact us on the following phone: +389 70 229 100